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April 20​20

Ultimate Rejuvenation, 

Delete Physical Problems and
Reduce Aging

Includes Specific Coronavirus Strengthening and Deletion For Protection, Prevention, and Ultimate Defense!  

Marnie & Dr. Yuen Joined Forces ​On This Call - ​You Will Receive "Double The Chi."

Are You Suffering from any Physical Pains, or Various

“Age-Related” Conditions?

  • All Physical Pain (Neck, Knee, Back, Shoulder, Hand, Feet, Leg)
  • Memory Loss
  • Digestive Problems
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Heart Problems 
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Fatigue

  • Targets These Specific Areas:

  • Quality of Life
  • ​Longevity
  • ​Regeneration, Degeneration, Rejuvenation
  • ​Slow Down, Reverse, and Stop Aging
  • ​Maintain, Improve Physical Functions
  • ​Loss of Your Sex Drive

  • Ultimate Rejuvenation
    Delete Physical Problems and Reduce Aging!

    This is what you will receive in this month's package ...

    • ASSIMILATE - A PDF/manuscript that explains all the ultimate rejuvenation principles.
    • ACTIVATE- ​A Self-Strengthening and Deletion guided activation designed to be listened to daily to delete physical pain and reduce aging.
    • RESULTS- A recording of the one hour group Strengthening and Deletion call.

    What a Few of Our Members Said After the 

    April Rejuvenation Call 

    ​​I had written in about my searing sciatic pain in left leg and pain in my left rib cage area.

    By the end of the call, I was totally pain-free!

    ​​Lissa L.

    ​​I can't believe the immense amount of very specific pain that I resonated with like digestive problems and thumb pain. That huge resonance always amazes me!

    My pain is gone.

    ​Ericka K.

    ​​Before the call, I had difficulty breathing. During the call, my lungs improved and I can breathe better now. 


    ​​Diane M.

    ​​WOW! You covered an extensive amount of physical problems. My neck and shoulder pain disappeared.

    Thank You!

    ​​Jessica K.

    I registered my sister for the call because she is currently in ICU. Since the call, I received a call from the hospital reporting that my sister's oxygen was lowered.

    The Coronavirus strengthening and deletion was right on target!

    Mark B.

    I loved the call! I feel like my hair is getting thicker and I am feeling in the best physical shape I have felt in a while.

    Laurie G.

    ​I am feeling so much better. I had been feeling exhausted prior to this call, and the day after the call, I had a surge of energy and my vitality is super high. I'm finishing all my projects! Today I am more balanced. My fever also completely dissapated, and the feeling that everything had shut down is gone. WOW! Thank You a Million!

    Jenny L.

    ​Listening to call, I checked in with each issue mentioned and now feel strong for each. Feels great. Thank you!

    Thank you for deleting my specific nerve pain in the hip and sacrum - it disappeared!!

    ​​Randy C.

    What Others Say


    “WOW!! I just moved another grand plus from my payments service into my bank account!  

    I've made more money and had more effortless registrations, connections,

    ​communications and just plain ease and grace in my work than literally ever before!  

    I have confidence, I feel honest, skilled and strong in self-assurance.  

    I feel more capable than ever and the family/work/having a life balance feels strong and stable!  

    Thank You, once again, Marnie: Your Strength, Improvement and Universal Alignment moves ALL of Humanity Along its BEST Trajectory."  

    Kathryn B.

    Sacred Artist


    Oh my Lordy! Wow, Marnie you are amazing. If I could be half as quick and good as you I would be friggin’ awesome!   This call and activation felt like the most shifts and expansion. I have spent years and countless dollars on practically every energy and non-energy healing work and courses, but this is the first time I can honestly say, I know it has worked and I know I have shifted into more of who I really am. Ha,ha I can't stop laughing. I feel so damn happy and giggly. Who needs G’n’ T's when there is you! ... and career with relationships, I could suddenly see (finally) where and what I want to do. Love you so much and I'm so glad I resonated enough with you to join this program. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

    Dee H.


    I cannot wait for the next call!

    My eyesight is clearing up. I was having trouble seeing things in the distance clearly. It is now improving. I was also having trouble focusing when I am in artificial light, especially in my lounge room. Reading the writing on the TV, especially if the writing was white, was becoming difficult to read.

    I noticed last night that it was vastly improved - anything close up is crystal clear. Thank you for these changes! 

    Ashleigh D. 
     Stay at Home Mom

    Ultimate Rejuvenation!

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