Interactive Intensive

6-Month Interactive Intensive

How to Apply your Insight to Resolve Any Life Problem, and
Achieve Results on the Spot!

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The 6-Month Personalized Intensive  was designed as a Prerequisite for learning how to Delete Stress and Pain, On The Spot.

The program encompassed the following Essential Fundamental teachings, and taught you how to integrate these principles into your daily life routine:

1. Simplified Pre-Steps 1-7

A preparatory step-by-step protocol designed to turn on your physical Intelligence, delete your mind and spirit, and optimize your insight so that you automatically connect with the right answers, which automatically lead to results on the spot.

2. Strengthening Insight

3. Levels of Neutrality

  • Neutrality
  • Relationship Neutrality
  • Sexual Neutrality
  • Family Neutrality

Once Ultimate Neutrality is achieved, you can easily differentiate between strong verses weak.

Now you are READY to put your INSIGHT into ACTION
so that you can resolve any life problem,
 on the spot!

Applying your INSIGHT will become as NATURAL as breathing.
Something you just do without thinking about it!

Four Powerful Components
Designed to Maximize Results


Marnie teaches you, with Step-By-Step Protocols, how to incorporate the Geometric figures so that you can learn how to apply your insight and solve any situation on the spot, for yourself, family, and friends.

Includes Practical Integration of the principles in the manuscripts into Your Daily Life Routine.

2. Geometric Figures

Easy to follow geometric figures to ensure you achieve results on the spot.

3. Interactive Strengthening & Deletion

Specific examples of real life situations/problems.

Each example will strengthen the entire group for any resonating weaknesses.

4. Self-Strengthening and Deletion Activations (Brand New)

Each month you receive a new Quick Activation, based on the monthly topic.

These activations are only a few minutes long, so that you can quickly achieve results on the spot for yourself and others. They are highly effective, and become part of your daily routine so applying your insight happens  naturally.

Course Outline

Month 1 – Relationships

Month 2 – Finances and Career

Month 3 – Physical Pain

Month 4 – Ideal Body

Month 5 – Skin, Facial Rejuvenation, and Appearance

Month 6 – Daily Decisions

What is the difference between the Regular Monthly membership calls, and the 6-Month Course calls?

The regular monthly calls are designed as a clinic, with long activations, and the 6-Month Course is designed to teach you how to apply the principles on a daily basis in all areas of your life, in order to achieve fast results.

The course is BRAND NEW and personally created from my 20 years of experience. You won’t get this experience anywhere else! It’s the Best of the Best!

Yes! I Want To Learn How to
Resolve Any Problem On the Spot!

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