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January 2021
Resolutions Into Reality!

Pre-Program Your 2021 for
Abundance and Prosperity
With Everything in Life!

Includes Specific Coronavirus Strengthening and Deletion For Protection, Prevention,
and Ultimate Defense!

Marnie & Dr. Yuen Joined Forces On This Call You Will Receive "Double The Chi"

Are any of these Resolutions on your list this year?

  • Improve your physical well-being
  • Improve mental well-being: think positively, laugh more often, enjoy life more
  • Improve finances: pay off outstanding debt, save money, make small investments
  • Improve career: perform better, be happier at current job, find a better job, establish your own business
  • Lose weight, get fit, exercise more and eat healthier
  • Drink less, quit smoking, get rid of a bad habit
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Focus on self-care
  • Learn a new skill or take on a new hobby
  • Reduce stress level
  • Take a vacation, or travel to new places

  • Targets These Specific Areas:

  • Strengthen Your Resolutions so they automatically become reality and with No Effort
  • Strengthen Your Aspirations, making their realization inevitable
  • Change Your Future by writing your own script
  • Includes These 
    Geometric Figures:

  • The Life Hexagon 
  • The Insight Triad
  • The Manifestation Triad

    Resolutions Into Reality!

    This is what you will receive in this month's package ....

    • ASSIMILATE - A PDF/manuscript that explains all the principles.
    • ACTIVATE- A Self-Strengthening and Deletion guided activation designed specifically to Pre-Program Your Future for Abundance and Prosperity With Everything in Life!
    • RESULTS- A recording of the 90 minute group Strengthening and Deletion call.

    What a Few of Our Members Said After the 

    January Call - Resolutions Into Reality!

    I just got my lung biopsy report, and I am happy to share - no cancer, and my Valley Fever is GONE!

    Karen H.

    I asked you to delete all the problems my husband was having with his boss in November. It’s been a few months now, and they let him go. This is truly a miracle because he received a severance package and now we are celebrating his retirement. WHAT A RELIEF!! I still don’t understand how you deleted his blocks, but it doesn’t matter This monthly program is truly priceless!!!!! Thank you – I had been worried sick over this for months, and now I can literally breathe better.

    Lisa D..

    Amazing call! I really appreciated it! I like to feel Marnie work so fast/effectively! It is beautiful!
    My partner is much better in his chest/lungs. He has no pain in the muscles of his arms anymore! Great!

    Terry S.

    Wow! Very intense call. I had to just lay down quietly while I listened and let my body do the work. I've been concentrating on changing my job situation, and I've finally received an offer at a company I'm very excited about!

    C. B.

    I felt a release of financial worries, and my related weight issue being resolved. I feel confident, empowered and optimistic regarding any decision I am making and going to make career wise, and relationships will be the right one for me. Feeling intuitively strong and overall energized by this call.  Thank you, Marnie. 

    Manuela W.

    WOW! My body was vibrating throughout the call ... the best call ever!

    During the call, all of the losses and grief came pouring in … I felt like I was blindsided, not knowing the degree of garbage buried deep within me. It shook me to my core. This call was the icing on the cake … When I think about any of those losses, grief, and struggles, I now feel free … I am strong to it all. I can see the opportunities that I wasn’t able to see before … I feel like I have deleted many of the blocks to knowing that anything is possible! Thanks for everything Marnie … words cannot express our gratitude!

    Rita S.

    Thank you for deleting the pain in my breast from the cyst  I’m so so grateful. I feel calm and neutral, where before I was feeling anxious and experiencing pain in my left breast. Now my breast is pain-free.

    Mary R.

    What Others Say


    “WOW!! I just moved another grand plus from my payments service into my bank account!  

    I've made more money and had more effortless registrations, connections, communications and just plain ease and grace in my work than literally ever before!  

    I have confidence, I feel honest, skilled and strong in self-assurance.  

    I feel more capable than ever and the family/work/having a life balance feels strong and stable!  

    Thank You, once again, Marnie: Your Strength, Improvement and Universal Alignment moves ALL of Humanity Along its BEST Trajectory."  

    Kathryn B.

    Sacred Artist


    Oh my Lordy! Wow, Marnie you are amazing. If I could be half as quick and good as you I would be friggin’ awesome!   This call and activation felt like the most shifts and expansion. I have spent years and countless dollars on practically every energy and non-energy healing work and courses, but this is the first time I can honestly say, I know it has worked and I know I have shifted into more of who I really am. Ha,ha I can't stop laughing. I feel so damn happy and giggly. Who needs G’n’ T's when there is you!  ... and career with relationships, I could suddenly see (finally) where and what I want to do. Love you so much and I'm so glad I resonated enough with you to join this program. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

    Dee H.


    I cannot wait for the next call!

    My eyesight is clearing up. I was having trouble seeing things in the distance clearly. It is now improving. 

    I was also having trouble focusing when I am in artificial light, especially in my lounge room. Reading the writing on the TV, especially if the writing was white, was becoming difficult to read.

    I noticed last night that it was vastly improved - anything close up is crystal clear. Thank you for these changes! 

    Ashleigh D. 
     Stay at Home Mom

    Resolutions Into Reality!

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