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 Learn NEW and FUN Ways To Apply Your Insight In Daily Life To Resolve Any Life Problem On The Spot

Mastery Mentoring Course + Clinic + Lessons + Protocols + Strong Support Group!

Connecting with me 2 times a month in this strong support group will allow you to be in the continual correcting zone.  When you strengthen and delete your weaknesses on a regular basis, you automatically take the right actions that lead to life changing results.

This is a daily practice that becomes a natural way effortless living.

It's all about taking action outside your comfort zone and strengthening beyond your infinite potential, so that you maximize your true power!

You Will Experience and Understand the Higher Messages: Who? What? Where? When? and Why?

Your unanswered life questions will always be followed with Spot On Answers!

  • Gain easy access to your intuition
  • Learn how to trust your own insight and answers about the best action to take
  • Discover how to consciously intuit the synchronicity in your life
  • Experience how to consciously connect the karmic dots
  • Master the ability to communicate with your body and intuit the higher messages causing you pain and suffering
  • Recognize how you can change the outcome of any situation in your favor
  • Be able to influence people on the spot, without saying a word

Lifestyle Mastery is all about LIVING the "NO MIND," With Your Physical Intelligence Automatically Directing You the Way, and Strongly Connecting With Your Life Purpose With Everything You Do.

Mastery takes Consistency - it's Simple!

Make every day of your life more fulfilling so that you can celebrate your true worth!

Finally, you can truly break free of all the weight of your past.

Continue to automate success with Advanced Accelerated Application Protocols, and deeper daily deletions in all areas of your life:

  • Deep Level Financial Abundance protocols
  • Advanced Rejuvenation and Regeneration techniques
  • Clearing Hidden Blocks to Achieving your needs, wants and desires in every aspect of your life
  • Elevating your Relationship with yourself
  • Progressive Sexuality - Directing your sexual energy
  • Going Beyond Infinite Potential

I will keep you on the right track every month, assist you to grow and live in the "no mind", with your physical intelligence directing the way, and strengthen your personal power so that you can live the life of your dreams.

I'm here for you, 2 times - every month, and with consistent strengthening between the calls. Let's do this!

The Lifestyle Mastery Group Will Ignite Your Body Electric, 100% Infinite Potential – 100% Of The Time.

This is a Sample of the Lifestyle Mastery Group

Sneak Peek Inside - Recording Time 1:19:25 

Staying continually connected in this group of insightful Kick Ass, Unstoppable Masters will give you the Synergy that will propel you to a whole new level of existence – beyond the 5th Dimensional plane of consciousness.



Lifestyle Masters Share Their Stories of

Fast Transformation

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Real People - Real Results!

  • How to Delete Shoulder/Arm Pain, On the Spot!
    A demonstration of how quickly pain and stress can be deleted On the Spot! Yes, you can do this too!
  • How to Effortlessly Succeed in Your Life, Doing What You Love!
    John, Sr. Apple engineer, shares his story of how he kept strengthening and deleting to change his career and manifest his dreams … And how you can do the same!!!

"This has been one of the most amazing journeys that I've been on."

What C.K.L. shared is what personally fuels me to continue, so that we can hold the space of unconditional love and support each other that you won't find anywhere else!!

"This has been like one of the most amazing journeys that I've been on.

This is why I'm still here!

And the thing that I really wanted to share with everyone, and I think the group already knows this, but it's really about NOT GIVING UP!

The human part of us is always questioning the process. And one thing I've really learned being with you, and the whole group, is that we can't give up because there's something really important happening in this group!

What I've noticed is that things are changing on a very automatic level for us.

What's interesting has been there's so many challenges that are coming up at the same time. So, as we are moving forward, and I feel myself going to another level. It's really hard to understand on a conscious level, because I feel like there's really no other group that I can think about that's doing stuff like this. So, we're kind of like trailblazing and pioneering something completely brand new, in my own view. And besides this group, there's really no one else doing this. There's nobody else tackling karma, and energy and our lives like this - we're doing everything. It is incredible what we have access to!

This year was really about finding the true power of neutrality. I feel that when I do find neutrality, it's just like when Marnie says, like plugging directly into the universal intelligence/source."
C. K. L.

Six Powerful Components
to Attaining
Lifestyle Mastery

1. Monthly Lessons!

Marnie teaches you, with
Step-By-Step Protocols, how to incorporate the Geometric figures so that you can learn how to apply your insight and solve any situation on the spot, for yourself, family, and friends.

Includes Practical Integration of the principles in the manuscripts into Your Daily Life Routine.

2. Interactive Strengthening & Deletion Clinic

Marnie will
un-mute callers and demonstrate how to resolve specific examples of real life situations/problems, using the charts as protocols, making this an in-depth training that shows you exactly how you can do this for yourself.

Each example will also strengthen the entire group for any resonating weaknesses, so that everyone benefits from the live case studies.

3. Submit Your Question or Topic of Concern

You can submit your question/concern, and Marnie will incorporate it into the activations and teaching.

4. Submit Your Feedback on Each Lesson

You can submit feedback after each lesson, and
Marnie will continue to monitor, evaluate, and strengthen.

5. Live Q&A Interaction

During each call, Marnie will take questions from the chat box and answer them live.

6. A Strong Support Group

You will experience the cumulative effect of the powerand synergy that only comes from being in this exclusive Lifestyle Mastery Support Group.

It's time to delete all the naysayers of the world who weaken you!

Let's Crush It!

Live Calls

10:00 am Pacific Time (Approximately 90 minutes)

The Interactive Intensive calls will take place a few weeks following the regular monthly call, and will be topic specific.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Regular Monthly Membership calls, and the Mastery Level?

What happens if I am unable to  attend the LIVE Webinar calls?                                               

Inae Hit $2,000,000 in Sales After Joining Lifestyle Mastery!

I joined Marnie's Membership because I had a  painful fractured shoulder.

The Results were Impeccable! 

I have fully 100% healed in movement, with no pain!! Marnie rocks!!!!

I then decided to join the Lifestyle Mastery Group because I felt stuck in my job for over 10 years, because of the money! I did not know what to do for work. Marnie and the Group supported me not only every step of the way but abundantly! This group and corrections not only feels good, supportive and stress relieving, but I feel unconditionally LOVED from beautiful neutral souls!!!! It is so high, it is the purest form of love. We don’t know each other personally, but we are so connected in source energy! 

I found a career to invest in. I had to go back to school and found a 2-year program with plenty of job opportunities in Florida. I am currently working full time and classes online.

In the meantime, my SALES have SOARED with Marnie’s help!

I sold close to $2,000,000 by the end of December ($1,858,000). My sales goal was $2,000,000, but none of my 5 sales team members even got close to my numbers. On the year-end Mastery call, Marnie did a live demonstration with me and strengthened me to blast into 2020 with massive sales strength, and that's exaclty what happened! It’s now January 6th,  and I had a huge sale already at $530,000 to a famous actress, with Marnie’s help. 

The best part was that it was effortless ease because my boss closed the sale for me on my day off, and I got ½ of the commission. The client tried to back off from the sale 2 times, but the blocks were deleted!  I am working on a $1,500,000 sale of a Diamond and Emerald Necklace and want to wait for this to conclude so I can receive commission and quit. I already surpassed my calculated savings goals for not working while in school for 2 years. 

If you want speed in achieving your life goals, the Lifestyle Mastery Group is the best investment!

I received so much more, these are just highlights! 

So much more financially, mentally, emotionally, physically and not to mention all the progress and corrections for my family and loved ones! We are together and need to move forward together!!

Amazing Marnie, Team and Group! Love you dearly!
Thank you!

Learn and Experience How to Resolve Any Life Problem on the Spot!

This Will Be a Very Personalized Group

Space is Limited!

An Exclusive Offer for Active Monthly Members Only!
(6-Month Intensive Level 1 is a prerequisite)

Don't Leave Your Self-Improvement 
to Hope or Chance.

Price $297/month
Strengthen Your Future,
Before You Get There

This Is Your Year of  Self-Mastery!

Do You Want Results Like These?

I feel that the improvements from this course have strengthened the core of my being and I am building a new foundation. I feel stronger and more confident. I like listening the quick activations daily. They are very empowering. I often listen to them all on a given day!  I feel a momentum building to developing a new me!!  I feel as though many possibilities are open to me for the future, not just the ones my parents had. 

Dorothy B.

The quick activations finally are working for me, and some of the new techniques of deleting all issues that caused the problem up to 100 percent infinite potential while strengthening to 100 percent, has worked well and makes it fast.

Randall D.

By some fluke I’ve only been doing your work for the last two calls having joined the membership only shortly before the intensive.  I’m very busy catching up on both membership and intensive. Overall, I think they’re brilliant and I am really enjoying them.  

Having the PDFs of the geometric shapes really helps, as do the activations with the shapes showing as well.  

The final call was excellent and I was really pleased that the Universe intervened so you taught us more which was really helpful and relevant.

Sophie F.

I want to thank you for the great 6 months of intensive calls. It was a growing experience for me and also to be able to accompany my daughters in their evolution.

Thank you for being so good to me and my daughters.    

Lucie G.

I really like the quick activations for if I'm going to try to work on an issue for myself or another. I don't feel very adept at doing the process yet though, but I will keep going over things. I feel like it has accelerated my own "onion peeling" as a lot more things are coming up for attention than with only the monthly call. Sometimes when upset I am doing "simplified pre-steps 1-7 strong" as a way to get less stressed, on the spot.  It's not totally complete, but helps me cope in that moment!    

Lori  G.

So much has happened and I realized that all that I wanted these past two years has finally come true, all my wants, needs and desires has finally come true. Now I have rushed into my next "section" the finances and what to work with.

So, I crashed Marnie! Into a total brainless state!! Since Friday...still very happy with my new life I couldn’t keep a single thought straight and to have a conversation floating because I couldn’t remember what I was talking about!!

Instead I have been seeing the man that I love, eating, watching old episodes of series on HBO and sleeping!!

So, I asked what’s going on???

And this morning a huge!! Dragonfly came into my house!!! And my dog was chasing it and I was trying to get it out and I opened all the doors so it could make its way out.

The dragonfly was exhausted and took a rest and everything calmed down, finally when it started to fly again I could gently direct it out of my house and it flew away.

Now I cannot believe that this is a coincidence, is this the universe telling me that it’s okay for me to take a "nap" for a couple of months??

Helena G.

I absolutely love the quick activations. I listen to them each morning as I get ready for my day. I love that they are done in twos as I listen to the first one for me, and the second one for my family.    

Jill H.

My most improvements ... basically everything in my life!!!!!!!!  I am feeling more confident working the Method on others with a much better understanding of what I am doing and with success. I am very grateful. I love the quick activations on a daily basis ... perfect to start the day when busy.

And Marnie, wow! I am so amazed I could hug you. I asked you to work on my husband because his parathyroids were producing too much calcium and doctors wanted to remove one of the glands. After 3 months of abnormal testing then retesting, and more CT scans, the tests all of a sudden came back NORMAL. The doctors said everything normalized on its own.  I had to laugh because I knew differently. Hopefully that decreases the grief in my life.  Wow!!!!! Thank  you!!!!!

Karen H.

Amazing call as always.  Great synchronicity with the two callers.  Many levels of clearings happened for me on the issues I submitted and the hidden issues I didn’t submit.  Interesting effect of not having live callers:  I felt myself relax and just listened as you addressed all the issues submitted. Because I was no longer waiting to see if I would be called on to speak up!  That’s when I realized it made me anxious waiting to see if Chris was going to call on me.  Writing that, I flashed back to school days waiting anxiously for the teacher to call on me during class!  Delete, Delete, Delete, all the times I felt anxiety about Speaking Up and being Recognized and being Challenged and being Tested!  Wow, lots of subsets of Relationships popped up for me.  Maybe a lot of us felt that Reaction?  

I liked how you addressed and cleared all three Relationship topics I submitted.  Especially around crowds that are challenging others.  Negative Thinking Octagon.  Mistaken Identity.  I included all the Hawaiians protesting on the Mauna as you cleared for Karma, Ancestors, Criticizing, Judging, Blaming, Defending, Regretting, Vengeance, Emotions, Sensations, Reactions.  However, my Reaction was Collective Sorrow, so now I am not clear enough yet on this topic to help them.  But I could feel your clearing help them.  Plus, the Kahuna Teachers/Elders have a form of clearing in Ho'oponopono and felt them add their energy and welcomed your clearing.  I couldn’t even address clearing the National Level as it’s too big, too overwhelming.  Then you went right to the problem and cleared for feeling overwhelmed as that nailed my Reaction.  And then you addressed how we can all help others on the larger level.  All so accurate and so awesome!  I’m going to listen to that part of recording again as there was so much information there I need to hear again.

I jumped for joy at your mention of the Intensive meetings continuing on a deeper level.  Because I am ready and eager to hear more, clear more, and get to a more consistent level of Neutral.  Thank you for all you do!  

MaeLou L.

I Love the quick activations; however, I still find it challenging to get my mind out of the way... far less than in the past, but I still ruminate and worry to an extreme, especially in the middle of the night. The quick activations are a great way to start the day or turn to in times of stress and the end of the day activation really feels like I am clearing the residue of the day... Thanks Marnie! 

R. L.

Like you said, just play the activations in the morning, and forget about it.  I've been using the quick activations almost exclusively and daily.  I play them the first thing in the morning when I'm getting ready and in the shower.  The activations just seem to click my day together.   Thanks Marnie for giving us some tools to handle ourselves.  Keep up the amazing!

C. K. L.

Thank you for all! All is moving! Was a GREAT, GREAT, GREAT contribution this interactive program for me and around me! You know! Now when other people are strong in opposite side, I understood that they don’t need my genuine attention. I don’t need to be there! This year with this program, I totally released the family of my father. No access to me directly now. My father had all support and my mother to be free and accept the opportunity to follow new path with me! Stays all released between us. Now the relationship with them is much better/incomparable!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


T. S.

I am so much stronger and learning to trust the method, to get out of my own way by deleting my mind & spirit.  The universe has me in its highest good & Marnie had my back.  I have hope for me, my husband, and my family’s future.

Theresa M.

Since I started with this program I felt a greater progress in my mental health, more secure and firm in my decisions, less anguish, calmer and directing my life better. My life with respect to my family is much better. Everything depended on my attitude ad that is a great learning for me

Thank you Marnie and team.   

Andy M.

The quick activations were REALLY helpful, and I have been using them a lot! The 2-minute, Making the Best Decisions activation has produced serendipitous appearance of critical information for Christopher's and my health - for example, I took a book out of the library last Saturday, Oliver Sacks last book, and the other night opened it at random and read a story about vitamin B-12 deficiency causing serious cognitive and dementia like symptoms in an older person, and the efficacy of B-12 shots, and liver extract shots used before B-12 was synthesized, and how incredibly well this treatment worked!

This year both my work environment - much more congenial boss, better support at work, and my financial situation - income has been much better so far this year, have improved a lot. A huge relief, and a continuing process!
Thank you for the wonderful community and support! 

Caroline M.

I really enjoyed the energy experience of listening to all of the members who called in today and definitely felt some shifts occur within me.  It gave me a greater sense of how lovely this group that I’ve been a part of actually is.  It certainly has been a grueling year for many members, but thank goodness, you’ve been there, Marnie, to soften the bumpy rides.  

Mary has such a beautiful, delicate energy to her voice that it’s unfathomable to me how anyone could be as heartless and cruel to her as her own children have been.  I absolutely love her dynamic ‘never give up’ spirit.

I also wanted to also tell you that I’m intrigued by this sudden inspiration that seemingly came out of nowhere to finally replace my 11-year-old car with a new one.  Waking up one morning last week knowing that it was time to go car shopping is probably the first spontaneous thing that I’ve done this year, so whatever you’ve unblocked or strengthened during this advanced 6 month program seems to have gotten my sluggish internal GPS up and running again.  It’s refreshing to break out of the mundane routines and be steered towards new experiences again.  It’s like a breath of fresh air to feel this enthusiastic and inspired again.  
Many thanks!!!!  

Marta M.

Cumulative Effects!
While I believe Mountains are Moved in a Specific Clearing, It would be impossible to pinpoint at what juncture a result occurred based upon which Clearing/ from which Day.  I totally believe in the Cumulative Effects Concept.  I am Living a New Reality, and the 3D is catching up!

Maria M.

For the first time I used an activation during an issue. I was on the phone with the appliance rep to get the order on my refrigerator straightened out. She needed to call me back and would take 20 minutes. I took this opportunity to do the 8-minute activation. Since I was at work, I kept getting interrupted. I decided to let the activation play anyway and trust that I was getting the results. The rep said that I could no longer get the refrigerator I had ordered several weeks prior. I had taken a couple of weeks to find one that fit the dimensions. Plus it was on sale. At this point, we had been without a fridge for almost 2 months, going to the basement for most things and dorm-size fridge in the kitchen for smaller items. She said there was an upgrade unit, the same only energy-star rated. I looked it up, about $800 more than what I had originally ordered and paid for. She said I could have that one for the same price and it could be delivered in a week. Even though I had felt defeated in many ways (the story was more involved with husband) doing the activations daily gives me physical intelligence strength and I know the Universe has my back.

Thanks, Marnie, for giving us the tools for this amazing way to improve ourselves and the planet!!    

Haley M.

A couple of hours after the call, I was informed about an error that could put me out of work. Although I could've prevented it from happening, it was not exactly my fault. Yet, I knew I was bound to be blamed for it.

The interesting thing is that I sent a message to my boss in which, I was able to use the exact words to put it in the right frame. That way of phrasing it helped me bear only the amount of responsibility I had in fact had, which was marginal. Having that clarity, in the midst of chaos, to describe the facts just as they had occurred, is something that I can only attribute to connecting with my higher me.

But there’s more! In between, while waiting for his response, I speculated about the possibility of being fired. And instead of feeling anguished and in panic, I felt as neutral as never before. I was already exploring all the possibilities that would open up in my life if that dismissal took place. And it didn’t feel neither horrible nor threatening.

I recall noticing that unusual reaction in me and thinking to myself: This is neutrality!

The outcome: nothing bad happened neither in general to the company, nor to me in particular.

This was a turning point in my development: if I could do that at THAT particular situation, I can do it again. Which, by the way, I already did, yesterday again!

Andrea R.

Wow! These 6 months have been intense. From not wanting to be here to enjoying the sun. In the summer sometimes feeling happy - a long time since that. There has been a lot which have been processed, but I do not know if it is the quick activations or the long ones. All I know is that there has been a lot of shifting and a lot of energy moving.

And it is a routine to listen to an activation. I feel good about routines. AND! Now it is only raining and I have another week off coming up. 2 days ago, I found a cheap trip for Crete. I go to Crete on Saturday!! Yihaa!!!   

Kjerstin P.

Hi Marnie, from the time I started your amazing program to where I am now is amazing.

I listen to your program every day. I'm glad to be part of this. Everyone should know the Yuen method.

I definitely feel more neutral.

Everything is making more sense. The way you deliver the activations and the way you after. Yah I love it.

I can definitely say it's helped me get through a lot.

Still miss my dog physically but have connected with her.

I got a message just a couple of days ago, didn't realize it until later the next morning I was missing her early the day before. That night I watched the movie a dog's way home.

And the next day I realized she had communicated with me. I felt the ah ha moment. (Pickles)

Nancy S.

My daughter just returned to San Diego after a 2 1/2 we could visit to us with her five-month-old baby.  We all had a good time together and took a 4 Day Rd. trip to see relatives and show the baby off! She is even calling me mom again.  It appears that resolution to the tumultuous conflict we had almost 2 years ago has occurred nonverbally.  I feel no need to talk about it and simply want to move forward.

There is actually one more story that happened earlier this summer following the monthly call about making decisions. I have a pet peeve about the locker room at my health club. Women come in from the pool without drying themselves off and they track water all over the tile floor making it slippery and unsafe for people to walk on. I slipped just before my piano recital.  I grabbed my car key I was holding and sprained my finger! Better than falling and breaking my hip, but this situation is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Often, I will point out to women that they could dry themselves off in the shower area and step on a towel before walking on the tile floor. Most women accept my advice, but one day a woman yelled that if I didn’t like it, then don’t come here. (actually, I realized after this that I didn’t have to come to that Health club. 10 minutes down the road is a much nicer health club that doesn’t have this problem. My passport membership enables me to go there, which I have done this summer and really enjoyed it.  Now whenever I go to the health club near me I feel like I am slumming it!

When I mentioned the incident with the woman to my husband he said that you can’t tell people what to do!   A few days later I was talking to a guy in the hot tub about the messy situation in the women’s locker room and he said with confidence, "your freedom (to track water all over the floor) ends where my safety begins! Your opinion ends where my safety begins”.

Hearing these words, I felt heard and seen! I felt an empowered sensation in my solar plexus, and in my chest and in my throat. I felt assertive and justified and like I mattered!  This validation of my safety and my very existence has been missing from my life for decades, and I hear it from a stranger in the hot tub! 

Mary R.

Hi Marnie, I participated with the group for the special u offered to monthly group participants. The said, my family and i are doing much better regarding the parasite issue. We have kept it away and are stronger. the issues regarding emotional flare ups have subsided in my kids and spouse. They are blaming me less and actively working together better than before which is refreshing! As difficult this summer was, I noticed we have improved overall as a family unit and worked through some long-suppressed issues individually and among each other. The activations seem to assist in identifying and processing issues faster for me and my family Thoughts that were weighing me down seem to be dissipating and not so prevalent in my day to day. Maybe due to mind and spirit deletion! I comprehend the Yuen Method better than ever and loved the quick activations to start my day.

I feel extremely supported and loved!
Thank you for your extra time and use of your gifts to assist us all! XO  

Suzanne S.

Knowing that it all starts with the relationship I have with myself.   Biggest noticeable improvement - being open to the relationship that Jordan and I have together and letting all the parts of the relationship happen.   There are so many different parts that make up the whole of a relationship.

I use to call it, getting into the zone, now I know it is being mindless.  Neutral.  

 The quick activation is a daily must.    

Janet S.

Most noticeable was how the non-physical affects the physical.  When a nonphysical issue improves, physical pain lessens.  

Laura T.

The quick activations kept me right on target, and were so helpful as I was able to use them for myself and when assisting others. The more I used them, it was easier to work speedily helping others.  I was particularly impressed by using the relationship neutrality octodecagon for myself and others. whether it was for family issues or health or finances.  There was instant change and shifts in perception. And when doing sessions with others, I remembered to activate the 7-pre-steps. With one client who had carpel tunnel syndrome, it was amazing! She had had it for months and it was getting worse.  As I worked with her she went from 10 on the scale (being the worst), to 1 in 15 minutes and could open her fingers and hand and grip again. She herself is a healer who has done a lot of healing work on herself. Remembering that Physical Intelligence was the most important and getting the mind and spirit out of the way also assured positive results. I paid a lot of attention to the information in the PDF Manuscripts and being a visual learner that really helped me connect the dots. Unfortunately, I was so immersed in preparations for going to Scotland for 12 days that I didn't submit my information about Rejuvenating Your Skin and Facial Restructuring. I did notice that my eyelids are less droopy and I have less wrinkles. There was so much information about skin and facial structuring in the PDF - so comprehensive -that I was not aware of and I am going to listen to the call and activations many times.

During my 12 days in Scotland I was eating 3 hearty meals a day - a big change from one meal a day since January and I put on 4 pounds. Now still eating well, I have dropped 3 pounds since my return and my intention is to let go of 10 more pounds. Thank you, Marnie, for your gifts of healing and teaching! I am so grateful for all your time and energy and dedication to providing such important information for our evolution and growth. And I'm delighted I joined you in the Lifestyle Mastery program.

Winifred W.

As a latecomer to the 6-month intensive, I just yesterday (8/25) listened to the April financial call.  It could not have happened at a better time - love the divine orchestration.

Earlier in the day, my husband and I were a stressed after reviewing our financial status and projected income.  I knew we had to shift in our energies.  He went to the movies and I listened to the activations.
I am grateful that I did.  I could feel the energy shifting for each of us as I listened to and applied the activations to us, our kids and his director of operations at work (and a few times his siblings).

Wow, what a difference the in-depth approach made in how I see our current financial picture and more importantly, future.  I was especially pleased when I was able to feel weak or strong for the callers.  A great confidence booster.

The quick activations were perfect. I faithfully listened to month 5 and am working with a chiropractor for structural issues from previous falls.  I am able to walk more confidently and I know that strength, stamina, ease and grace are returning.

Blessing to you, Marnie, I deeply appreciate your work.

Monica W.

WOW Marnie, being tapped into the DragonFest energy of last weekend was and is amazing. The shift I ask for happened. My 'aha' is how easy it is to put up with being blocked emotionally and not see it because it seems normal. Getting better at holding neutral helped find it.  Thank you for your help.

Judy W.

Yes, I Want Amazing Results Too!

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