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Learn NEW and FUN Ways To
Apply Your Insight In Your Daily Life!

Mastery Mentoring Course + Clinic + Lessons + Protocols + Strong Support Group!

Connecting with me 2 times a month in this strong support group will allow you to be in the continual correcting zone.  When you strengthen and delete your weaknesses on a regular basis, you automatically take the right actions that lead to life changing results.

This is a daily practice that becomes a natural way effortless living.

It's all about taking action outside your comfort zone and strengthening beyond your infinite potential, so that you maximize your true power!

You will Experience and Understand the Higher Messages:

Who? What? Where? When? and Why? 

Your unanswered life questions will always be followed with Spot On Answers!

  • Gain easy access to your intuition
  • Learn how to trust your own insight and answers about the best action to take
  • Discover how to consciously intuit the synchronicity in your life
  • Experience how to consciously connect the karmic dots
  • Master the ability to communicate with your body and intuit the higher messages causing you pain and suffering
  • Recognize how you can change the outcome of any situation in your favor
  • Be able to influence people on the spot, without saying a word

Lifestyle Mastery is all about LIVING the "NO MIND," With Your Physical Intelligence Automatically Directing You the Way, and Strongly Connecting With Your Life Purpose With Everything You Do.

Mastery takes Consistency - it's Simple!

Make every day of your life more fulfilling so that you can celebrate your true worth!

Finally, you can truly break free of all the weight of your past.

Continue to automate success with Advanced Accelerated Application Protocols, and deeper daily deletions in all areas of your life:

  • Deep Level Financial Abundance protocols
  • Advanced Rejuvenation and Regeneration techniques
  • Clearing Hidden Blocks to Achieving your needs, wants and desires in every aspect of your life
  • Elevating your Relationship with yourself
  • Progressive Sexuality - Directing your sexual energy
  • Ending 2019 and Beginning 2020 - your most powerful year yet!

I will keep you on the right track every month, assist you to grow and live in the "no mind", with your physical intelligence directing the way, and strengthen your personal power so that you can live the life of your dreams.

I'm here for you, 2 times - every month, and with consistent strengthening between the calls. Let's do this!

Six Powerful Components
​to ​​Attaining
Lifestyle Mastery​

1. M​onthly L​essons!

Marnie teaches you, with
Step-By-Step Protocols, how to incorporate the Geometric figures so that you can learn how to apply your insight and solve any situation on the spot, for yourself, family, and friends.

Includes Practical Integration of the principles in the manuscripts into Your Daily Life Routine.

​2. Interactive Strengthening & Deletion Clinic

Marnie will
un-mute callers ​and demonstrate how to resolve specific examples of real life situations/problems​, using the charts as protocols​, making this an in-depth training that shows you ex​actly how yo​u can do this for yourself.

Each example will also strengthen the entire group for any resonating weaknesses​, so that everyone benefits from the live case studies.

​3. Submit Your Question or Topic of Concern

You can submit your question/concern, and Marnie will incorporate it into the activations and teaching.

​4. Submit Your Feedback on Each Lesson

You can submit ​feedback after each lesson, and
Marnie will ​continue to monitor, evaluate, and strengthen.

​​5. ​Live Q&A Interaction

​​At the end of each ​call, Marnie will take question​s​ from the chat box and answer them live.

​​​6. ​​A Strong Support Group

You will experience the cumulative ef​fect of the power​and synergy​ that only comes from ​being in ​this exclusive Lifestyle Mastery ​Support​ ​Group​.

It's time to delete​ all the naysayers of the world ​who weake​n you! ​

Let's Crush It!

Live Calls

10:00am Pacific Time (Approximately 90 minutes)

The Interactive Intensive calls will take place a few weeks following the regular monthly call, and will be topic specific.


September 18, 2019

October 23, 2019

November 13, 2019

December 11, 2019

2020 Dates Coming Soon!

What is the difference between the Regular Monthly membership calls, and the Mastery Level?

The regular monthly calls are designed as a clinic, with long activations, and the Mastery is designed to teach you how to apply the principles on a daily basis in all areas of your life, in order to achieve fast results.

Can’t Attend the LIVE Tele-Calls?

No problem, submit your question/concern, and you will be included without having to be live on the call.

The call will be recorded and available for you if your schedule prevents you from participating in the live call. The recording is just as effective and the results will be the same.

Yes! I Want To Continue to Learn How to
Resolve Any Problem On the Spot!

This Will Be a Very Personalized Group

Space is Limited!

An Exclusive Offer for Active Monthly Members Only!
(6-Month Interactive Intensive is a prerequisite)

Don't ​Leave​ Your ​Self-​Improvement 
to ​Hope or ​Chance.
Price $297/month​

​Strengthen ​Your ​Future​,
​Before ​You ​Get ​There

This​ Is​ Your ​Year of ​​ Self-Mastery!