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May 2020
Ultimate Rejuvenation!

Achieve Your Ideal Body/Delete Your Physical Pain 

Includes Specific Coronavirus Strengthening and Deletion For Protection, Prevention, and Ultimate Defense! 

Marnie & Dr. Yuen Joined Forces ​On This Call - ​You Will Receive "Double The Chi."

Are You Overweight?
Are You Underweight?
Suffering from Obesity or other Weight 

or Body Shape Issues?

  • Overweight – Underweight
  • Constipation
  • Food Cravings (Sugar/Salt/Fats)
  • Over Eating (Food Addiction)
  • Weight Gain During Pregnancy
  • Binge Eating due to Stress
  • Depression, Negative Emotions/Experiences
  • Worried About How You Look
  • Your Appearance
  • Decreased Quality of Life

    ​​Targets These Specific Areas: ​

  • Maximize Transfer of Matter to Energy
  • Streamline Your Body
  • Speed Up Digestion, Elimination & Systemic & Cellular Metabolism
  • Slim Down With No Time Gap
  • Specific Body Size Reduction – (Abdominal Region)
  • Maximize and Speed Up the Elimination of Cellular Waste and Dead Cells
  • Increase Energy for Breaking Up Encapsulations
  • Ultimate Rejuvenation
    Achieving Your Ideal Body

    This is what you will receive in this month's package ...

    • ASSIMILATE - A PDF/manuscript that explains all the ultimate rejuvenation principles.
    • ACTIVATE- A Self-Strengthening and Deletion guided activation designed to be listened to daily to ​help you ​achieve your Ideal Body!
    • RESULTS- A recording of the ​two hour group Strengthening and Deletion call.

    What a Few of Our Members Said After the 

    May Rejuvenation Call 

    ​​Before the call, I submitted an issue to Marnie about being overweight. As usual, it was an awesome call. Even before the call, I actually lost a pound, and then after the call, another 2 pounds gone.

    ​​Karen H.

    ​​I'm on my way to my Ideal Body. It's the first time I have enjoyed cooking for myself and am feeling strong about how much, and how, and when I eat. Over the years, I have tried many diets and this is the first time I feel neutral about what and when I eat.

    Listening to the call and activation for the Idea Body has given me a sense of liberation and ease about letting go of the pounds. I believe that the activations for physical fitness have also helped bring about this change. As always Marnie's presentation of such complex and comprehensive information is such a blessing!
    With gratitude and love,

    ​​Winifred W.

    ​Way to go, Marnie! Awesome call. Body image is so personal, the weakness, deletions, strengthening, and changes are felt deeply and immediately.

    Wow, I felt those deletions in my cells, atoms, quantum particles, shifting on the spot.

    M​aeLou L.

    ​​I was so overcome with joy after a few days of listening to the call repeatedly. I had become aware some time ago that I have been suffering from a kind of low-grade depression most of my life.

    This feels like some kind of breakthrough that I can actually feel joy now, it is something I recall from a very long time ago, way back in my childhood that I thought I may never experience again. It's bubbling away in my heart and I am so grateful. I feel "light-hearted​."

    I am so grateful Marnie, you have such integrity, you are a Genius!!! Love to you and all the team,

    ​Lauren M.

    ​Since the call, I’m feeling sexy for the first time in two years. It’s a nice attitude shift that enhances my sense of self-appreciation and even my outlook. Really awesome, Marnie.

    Also, THANKS for the perky breast lift.

    ​Alison M.

    Amazing results with losing weight and losing the cravings.

    Jenny  W.

    ​​Before the call, I had a constipation problem. The following day, after exercising, I started going again regularly. Thank you!

    Thank you for your help, Marnie!!!! Really, really appreciate it.

    ​Samantha F.

    What Others Say


    ​WOW!! I just moved another grand plus from my payments service into my bank account!  

    I've made more money and had more effortless registrations, connections,

    communications and just plain ease and grace in my work than literally ever before!  

    I have confidence, I feel honest, skilled and strong in self-assurance.  

    I feel more capable than ever and the family/work/having a life balance feels strong and stable!  

    Thank You, once again, Marnie: Your Strength, Improvement and Universal Alignment moves ALL of Humanity Along its BEST Trajectory.

    Kathryn B.

    Sacred Artist


    Oh my Lordy! Wow, Marnie you are amazing. If I could be half as quick and good as you I would be friggin’ awesome!   This call and activation felt like the most shifts and expansion. I have spent years and countless dollars on practically every energy and non-energy healing work and courses, but this is the first time I can honestly say, I know it has worked and I know I have shifted into more of who I really am. Ha,ha I can't stop laughing. I feel so damn happy and giggly. Who needs G’n’ T's when there is you!   ... and career with relationships, I could suddenly see (finally) where and what I want to do. Love you so much and I'm so glad I resonated enough with you to join this program. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

    Dee H.


    I cannot wait for the next call!

    My eyesight is clearing up. I was having trouble seeing things in the distance clearly. It is now improving. I was also having trouble focusing when I am in artificial light, especially in my lounge room. Reading the writing on the TV, especially if the writing was white, was becoming difficult to read.

    I noticed last night that it was vastly improved - anything close up is crystal clear. Thank you for these changes! 

    Ashleigh D. 
    Stay at Home Mom

    Ultimate Rejuvenation
    Ideal Body!

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