Personal Intensive
Level 1 Course

Learn How to Activate Your Insight, and
Delete Stress and Pain on the Spot!

Now You Can Learn the Essential Fundamental Principles,
 and Immediately Resolve any Life Problem ...

  • What hidden baggage are you carrying that is holding you back?
  • Are you where you want to be in life, right now?
  • This Program is designed to ensure that you receive all that  you truly want and deserve in your life!

Imagine Your Life 
Without Pain, Stress or Limitations 

Ask yourself these questions ...

Do you hate your job?  Are you dissatisfied with your relationship?  Are you making the money you deserve? 

Are you living your life the way that your really want to?

If you are honest with yourself, you know that you are not really where you want to be right now, and would like to improve in some area of your life.

Unfortunately, on a daily basis, negative thoughts, emotions, and experiences get stuck in your body, and over time manifest as physical symptoms, and emotional and spiritual blockages.  The only way to move forward and achieve what you really want is to be able to delete whatever it is that is holding you back, and unlock your unlimited potential.

And now, you can learn to do just that!

Marnie Will Strengthen and Delete the REAL Reasons, Causes, and Sources of the Blockages that are Holding You Back

  • Delete Regrets about decisions you’ve made, actions you’ve taken or choices you’ve selected
  • Delete  Worries about your future security
  • Delete  Disappointments over certain wants/needs/desires that didn’t materialize
  • Delete  Stresses about finances/relationships/health
  • Delete Doubts about what you’ve done or will do
  • Delete Worries about your future security
  • Delete Indecisiveness with choices and decisions
  • Delete  Rejections, personal and/or work-related

Change Your Life By Writing Your Own Script As You Pre-Program Your Future 100% INFINITE POTENTIAL – 
Activate Abundance With Everything In Your Life

Maximize the Strength Behind Your Wants, Needs & Desires So That They Actually Manifest!

The  Personal Intensive Level 1 course is a "Deep Dive" into the regular monthly membership content, and includes additional Activations and Protocol Charts, as well as the full 2-hour webinar recordings.  

The personal Intensive group is also where Marnie actually teaches you the techniques, so that you can learn to use the method for yourself, family, and friends. New activations, geometric figure charts, and Marnie's webinar slide presentation allows you to integrate the Essential Fundamental Principles into your daily life routine.

to all 6 Months Content

Month 1  Instant Access!

Making the Best Decisions

Geometric Chart:  Simplified Pre-Steps 1-7

A preparatory step-by-step protocol 
designed to activate your insight

Month 2   Instant Access!

Fulfill Your Needs, Wants, and Desires

Simple tools to integrate manifesting your dreams
on a consistent basis into your daily life routine!

Learn how to quickly and easily manifest your dreams on a daily basis.

Month 3   Instant Access!

Relationships: Achieving Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

Chart: Relationship Octagon 
Learn the techniques to unconditionally loving yourself and unlock the key of Self-Mastery. You will start to attract real, genuine people and circumstances to you that support your well-being, which leads to real intimacy and healthy relationships.

Month 4   Instant Access!

Relationships: Sexual Rejuvenation

Chart: Sexual Neutrality

Learn a totally new take on being sexually fulfilled,
which involves sexual neutrality and physical intelligence.

Month 5   Instant Access!

Delete Your Blocks to Abundance and Begin 
Receiving Whatever it is that You Need, Want, and Desire in Life.

Chart: Family Neutrality and Abundance 

Learn simple tools and techniques to activate abundance on a daily basis.

Month 6 Instant Access!

Resolutions Into Reality!

Delete the Cumulative Effects of ALL Your Baggage! Start With a Clean Slate! Pre-Program Your Life for Abundance and Prosperity With Everything

Chart: Yuen Method Process

Learn how to apply the 8 steps to delete
Stress and Pain on the spot!

Each Month has 
3 Powerful Components
Designed to Maximize Results

Part 1. Self Strengthening and Deletion Quick Activations 
Marnie guides you through a step-by-step self-strengthening and deletion process. Each month contains a Self Strengthening and Deletion quick activation, on the monthly topic. 

These activations are only a few minutes long, so that you can achieve results on the spot for yourself and others. They are fast, and highly effective!

Part 2. Specific Strengthening and Deletion 
Marnie strengthens and deletes your blocks, based on each month's topic, so that you can learn with, ease, clarity, and focus.  This will accelerate the learning process. 

Part 3. Learning the Techniques
Marnie teaches you how to apply and integrate the principles into your daily life routine so it becomes natural. You receive geometric charts and manuscripts, with easy to follow step-by-step protocols, to ensure you achieve results, on the spot. 


User Friendly Charts with

Self-Strengthening and Deletion
Quick Activations

Marnie teaches you how to incorporate the geometric figures using simple charts, so that you can apply these life-changing techniques in your daily life routine. 

The activation recordings take you through the process of strengthening and deletion in a step-by-step manner, so you can follow along and learn to do it for yourself, as well as for family and friends. 

These activations are fast paced, take very little time, and are Highly Effective!

You can listen to them every morning and every night, or throughout your day, whenever that you feel you need it. They will Strengthen your Physical Potential and Intelligence so that you stay physically balanced, centered and stabilized in the mist of any stress or chaos.

It’s time to learn how to consistently delete your mind, and activate your physical intelligence.

Your physical intelligence is your true knowing (insight).

= feeling, perception, intuition.

Your insight is PRICELESS!

Your insight will give you the right answer, that automatically leads to the right action, and results on the spot!

You want to be able to have Insight into your life situation in the mist of chaos and with HIGH SPEED …. Not have to wait for days, weeks, months or lifetimes.

TIME TO UPDATE YOUR INSIGHT so that your future brings you vibrant health, financial wealth, and happiness. 

What People Are Saying About
Marnie's Personal Intensive
Level 1 Course

Definitely the best-ever program - Marnie rocks!"

The explanations provided were so necessary. The reaction to the Yuen Method can be complete bewilderment at first. Then it is seen as beautifully simple, before being recognized later as a real skill and something to live on a moment to moment basis. The geometric 7-steps chart is on the wall in my studio office. I look at it before I start work.

John H.

Wow Marnie, that was excellent!

"I appreciate how thorough you are, and insightful.  You covered so many areas and so many things I am dealing with that I had not even mentioned. I definitely recommend the intensives! Lower back feels better, and I seem to be standing taller and feeling stronger. I notice I am not as worried about different issues, and feeling all is processing as it should. I enjoy listening to the recordings every day and feel it helps. I look forward to your calls each month. Thank you so much!"

Julie D.

I asked you for help, and I can really feel that I received it"

“Thank you so much!!!  The 2 minute recording is one of my daily staples now. Multiple times a day. Especially on Mondays at work, which are super difficult and full of anxiety. My body is actually vibrating from the tension in my chest. So I keep listening to it, because my mind tends to come back quickly. When I feel down, it's very intense and difficult, but it feels like I come back up somewhat faster than I used to."

Ellen W.

With the CLEARINGS, the info came readily to me!"

Actually, I know about when you worked on us prior to the call. I had the BEST day in soo long; there was an error and we got a free lunch, our granddaughter called to invite us to see her. (2nd time in 25 years!)When I got overwhelmed by time and did not do the 4-minute activation ... I could feel it. In that converse way, I can say it (Daily Activation) does not only WORK, also that it is nearly MANDATORY for riding the wave after a call, with all of the massive Corrections you make for us. I did have 'situations' occur, which clarified and defined for me a better plan for my long time 'dream-home goal'. With new information, I have a much better plan for future manifestation~ It is as if this was always 'my plan' yet I was unaware of it, thus it was blocked from my reach. With the CLEARINGS, the info came readily to me. Although it (clarified Goal) is a bit lofty, I know in the roll-out of (Club) Months and Intensives, the where-with-all for this to BE will BE and I will somehow have the Strength and Longevity to Live it. Thanks for your help and being our Life Raft, knowing that you really ARE there and are making this HAPPEN!"

Maria M.

Personal Intensive
Level 1 Course 

A Few More Testimonials
to Show How Extra Strengthening Really Helps

I can TOTALLY feel the intuition strong like never before."

Its subtle, but feel like the background operating system that has been installed and I notice it … like quick decisions and remembering to just move into the strengthening corrections without thinking at all – very, very nice, so enthused for the continuation of the calls!"

Kathryn B.

After the call, I started getting many more people liking my business Facebook page."

“I like the idea of having the 2-minute activation. It helps to be able to daily play it and it is so short that I can do it multiple times a day. The 2-minute activation after a week of playing in the morning and night is beginning to help me have emotional distance and not be so triggered by things. After the call, I started getting many more people liking my business FB page and a few people are actually sharing my posts. Which is a good start! I like the format of the call and little activation, I want to learn more and am ready to accelerate! Thank you - I look forward to more."

Karen J.

Like the Six Million Dollar Man - it's Better, Faster, Stronger."

As always, another enjoyable, informative call, where I'm learning something new every time. I've now done a week's use of the 5-minute activation, and applying it is getting like for the Six Million Dollar Man - it's Better, Faster, Stronger."

John H.

My energy field is consistently stronger!"

The Relationship Neutrality Octadecagon and the 5-minute activation brought me to a deeper level of self-love so that my energy field is consistently stronger. I am feeling neutral about my financial situation and anxiety and doubt about how and when money comes in has been deleted. Constant concern about it has been deleted and I feel strong about what I am and am doing. A big shift was in trust. That has been an issue for many years and I now feel lighter with a greater sense of freedom, trusting the Universe and knowing that my needs, wants and desires are met, and I can take appropriate action. I was able to help my sister who was deeply distressed because her friend of 50 years was suddenly distant with her on the phone. Her friend was a next-door neighbor who moved years ago to a different town. She refused to tell my sister why her behavior towards her had changed. After my sister had a new perception and awareness of the situation and was neutral to the outcome, she called her friend and the conflict was resolved with ease and speed. I attribute this to the activation call where my insight, perception and deeper knowing is now stronger than ever and self- mastery is evident. 

Thank you, Marnie for the opportunity you are giving us to evolve and grow as we learn to nurture, love and accept ourselves unconditionally. 

Winifred W.
Marnie Greenberg

Author of the #1
International Bestseller

Delete Stress & Pain on the Spot!

About the Author

Marnie is an internationally recognized insightful life strategist, with more than twenty years of experience in healing and natural medicine.

Marnie has successfully deleted chronic pain, stress and illness on the spot in live demonstrations, on television and radio shows, at seminars, over the phone and on the internet for hundreds of thousands of people spanning the globe, and has effectively trained thousands of others to do the same.

Her mission is to provide people with answers that they can find within themselves so that they achieve results on the spot.

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