Biggest Aha Moments in the Monthly Membership Program

​Thanks to everyone who submitted feedback from the December 2018 Monthly Membership call!

Here are a selected few of the “biggest aha moments” that I feel everyone can benefit from …

As you read the comments below, remember to delete all “comparing yourself to other people’s results/progress”. More importantly, rise with them and self-strengthen yourself knowing that their change is assisting you to change for the better, and is also a reflection of how far you have come in a similar/different way!

You are changing for the better at your own rate.

Take a deep breath in, and place your physical thought on your midline as you read each one ...

I enjoy the fact I can RELAX and KNOW that Marnie REALLY 'has my back.'

 ... and that I do not need to know what my issue is, as Marnie does find the Core and Address it.  Plus, the Group Synergy Concept clears multiple layers/scenarios ... thus One is not limited to only one clearing per session, one gets multiple Deletions/Strengthening’s per call!

My Biggest AHA:

I note that I am recognizing the concept that things really DO work out ... the beauty of what is for me, does find me, and what is not supporting me ~ vaporizes. And I see I am coming to terms with being OK with the story about what does not work.  

Maria M.

This is the first holiday season in a long time that I actually enjoyed!

It was relaxing, and my entire family dynamic seemed more pleasant. Work wasn’t even stressful and it’s my busiest season of the year! I’m also just enjoying hearing how Marnie works though all the strengthening and deletions. It’s so interesting.    
Cheryl B. 

I either strengthen those around me and that are involved in my life or I become weak - period.

Obvious stuff, but so very clearly illustrated over and over again this year. Also, I am really, truly able to look around at my life and appreciate all that I've accomplished with genuine strength and neutrality, it was a very pure feeling of self-appreciation. Thank you, Marnie!!! 

Full Success Sharing Story:

Kathryn B. 

Overall, I feel calmer and more neutral ...
Full Success Sharing Story
Silvia  F.

I feel more empowered ... Overall, I feel
calmer and more neutral.

There are most certainly things that have shifted in my life. My partnership is incredibly loving and rewarding. I would not have said that last year. I have developed a stronger sense of myself, and my relationship to money has changed for the better. I feel more empowered. Thank you.
Tarini B.

Moving forward is safe and can be fun. 

The biggest aha is that all the bird dew can be wallowed in or dealt with.I will be back in 2019.
Judy W.

I really like the short activations in the intensive, and play them often.

It is great having them all in one place too. The teachings are great too and I'm using some of the knowledge in my daily life and to help with my family. I don't have the confidence to just do it all myself, so I just include them on the calls.

My son passed away suddenly this year, and after an activation in November, the grief that was just under the surface has disappeared. I feel much more neutral with his death and can think of him with happiness instead of deep sadness.

I didn't talk about this either, it was just gone after the call. 
Karen C.

The membership program has been a highlight every month for me.

I can say with absolute certainty that I have not had one big aha moment this year. I have had so many little ones that when added all together create an epic aha moment of a year for me. So many positive physical changes, shifting of mindset and the releasing of emotions has created a happier, freer version of myself. I feel like this has been the year when I have upgraded myself to the deluxe version of myself.

For the majority of the time I am able to listen to the calls live, which I love. The time I take each day to listen to the activations is empowering and I eagerly await to see what changes I perceive from doing so. The thing that I really enjoy is reading or listening to other's feedback. I eagerly await the day when the email comes in from yourself with other people’s feedback on it. Sometimes I feel as though things are moving too slowly with me concerning the activation for that month. When I read peoples comments, it makes me realize that, oh yeah, I felt that too or I did experience that as well. I think sometimes I am looking for something big to shift or change within me every month that I miss some of the smaller but vital changes.

To be able to be a member of a group where everyone supports each other even though the majority of us will never come into connect with each other is a huge blessing. In this era where negativity, competitiveness and lack of empathy reign, to be in a group where people who have none of these feelings towards other group members is amazing. Thank you for providing a safe haven for people to learn and grow.

Ashleigh D.

What I enjoy most about the membership program is that I could be corrected and could learn the correction skills from Marnie at the same time.
Moon C.

It’s always effective, even with the tiniest things.

My aha moment was getting the role for Netflix and meeting my boyfriend - Happiness!!!
Josefina A.    

All I know is that I need to do the morning activations, or I just don’t feel right or connected somehow …
This I know!
Natalie D.

Based on personal experiences over my life, I feel this membership has brought many issues (karma) to the surface so I can deal with them now rather than later.
Darrel C.

There are so many things that I appreciate about the membership program ...

But if I had to choose one above all else, it would be the monthly requests, because invariably there's always something that crops up that I need assistance with.
The biggest 'aha moment' just happened with a relationship issue that I desperately wanted neutrality with. It had progressively improved over the course of several months and then with this last monthly call, I realized that I was THERE, at neutrality and there's closure now and it feels like the most serene peace I could have hoped for.    

Marta M.

My aim is to be able to rely on my own inner intelligence. I feel this is improving.
Audrey B.

I recently received 3,000 € in December for my Tax return!
Arzélie B.    

The beauty is that the more you do, the better it gets.

I want to reiterate as Marnie has stated before, the Neutrality exercises in the intensive, whether pre-made or the ones I created, are extremely effective. This is the most important time to use it, as we all know. The beauty is that the more you do, the better it gets, and you can make them up for your own specific issues. The more insight you have to your issues, the easier it gets. Also, it’s important to remove doubt and lack of certainty. That is the one thing I have found that weakens the process and success of the method.
Randall D.

I am grateful for your gift Marnie, and the support of your program this year.

This has been a turbulent year.  I experienced deep grief and loss. It certainly felt bottomless in the pain for many months, and having these monthly support calls and activations have been lifesaving in reconnecting and tuning in. The last few months the heaviness has lifted, and I feel tremendously grateful to be able to listen to any of the activations from previous months to assist anytime I needed an energetic tune up. I had months of sciatic issues and it feels completely relieved.  This year was filled with great friends, family reunions, and traveling.  As an energy healer, Yuen has been a great tool in my healing box and I am grateful for your gift Marnie, and the support of your program this year.    
Erika F.

I am recovering my vision, because of your effort.

Last week, I want to my ophthalmologist for treatment of my eyes for macular degeneration. To my great surprise, on my left eye there was a big difference. For a long time, I couldn’t read even the biggest letter on the screen. Last week, I could read small letters of about an 1/12. I was thrilled, and my doctor was very happy with the change. I am recovering my vision, because of your effort.
Lucie G.

I've done many modalities and classes with various teachers, facilitators, etc.

Marnie produces very palpable effects immediately. I want that skill!
Christie G.

I’ve enjoyed realizing I can do this, I can get out of my own way!
Wendy H.

I am remembering how different life is when I use this method daily.

I’m committed to my own wellness and sharing it with others too.    
Leah H.

The higher information/knowledge in the PDF, especially the last one, was good to see.

Raising consciousness in a coherent manner!    
Steve H.

I can feel when something is off and going wrong and then I can feel when Marnie steps in and changes the energy around it!!!
Laurie M.

I enjoyed being able to submit my issues and feedback for each call.

There were lots of little aha’s. I love using “separate, independent energy”.    
Max J.

Thank you Marnie, for everything.

I have recently made a huge shift in my life. I left Las Vegas after 25 years to move back to Montreal. The need for change was clear. But it meant selling my home, move all my belongings and say goodbye to friends that were very special.

I did feel that all was well because I had gone full circle. But there was one person with whom things had gone array and that was the sad part I was going to leave behind, or leave with, sort of hanging in the back room of my heart.

We had parted on a bad note. I had written him to say how I felt, the parts that hurt but also what I cherished, and also what I felt responsible for in our relationship, and apologized if I had done something wrong. Never heard from him and did not expect to. « OK if I do, OK if I don’t »
This situation occurred months before this next part, which shows how, like Marnie says, things happen in divine timing.

The day, actually minutes, before the November call with Marnie, I received a text from one of our mutual friends saying that he (the man in question) wanted to say goodbye to me and that he really cared about me … wohhhh! I was stunned and could not believe it. I thought that this person was out of my life and that I would never see him again.

Marnie has helped me understand why he came into my life, and that sometimes we have important things to go through with people and they may not be what we want, but be what we need. Some parts of me that had become dormant needed to awaken.

I had to come face to face with the part of me that felt very confused in certain relationships, and the parts that needed strengthening. This particular relationship was a big part of my growth. The October call « Relationships and Sexual Rejuvenation » was tough. It brought up a lot of hurt and I knew it would clean a lot from this layer. A sort of karmic wash.

This is why I felt the need to write to him and be very clear in my explanation of what had happened inside of me so that I could feel free, and move on.

Who knows if the « work » that I had done on myself, in my heart, was transferred to him energetically or not. In the end, it did not matter because I had acted out of unconditional love for myself and I think for him too.

Thank you, Marnie for everything.
Nathalie G.   

Before, I wasn’t aware of the group and the power of energy togetherness, but now I am.

I know that I’m doing the work and I’m putting my determination in it, I really want to change and to get what I want need and desire.  The aha moment is that I now dare to believe that it will happen, and many things have manifested into reality this year. With the help from Marnie, my determination, and the group and from new friends.

Full Success Sharing Story:
Helena G.

I’ve enjoyed realizing I can do this, I can get out of my own way.
Wendy H.

It is tangible how much you care about the group, and how passionate you are to get us on track.

I still have emotional waves, ups and downs, but I get out of the dips/valleys so much quicker. It is tangible how much you care about the group, and how passionate you are to get us on track.

I've had quite an intense year 2018 with 2 major surgeries, cancer diagnosis, changing jobs and lots of changes in my company beyond the job change. I am amazed how I made it through all of this and that I feel good right now ... Learning how to come back to neutrality is so incredibly helpful!!!!! Thank you, Marnie!!!

E. W.

The monthly sessions and the community have been so important to me - thank you so much!
I have been a member since March, and I have managed to be on all the calls live, and it has been a wonderful experience.

 I have seen a lot of movement in the areas I worked on - especially my work situation (new, more congenial boss, etc.) and finances have improved significantly, (and my husband was able to come home from the skilled nursing facility end of May (YES!). 
Caroline M.

It's really nice to have a big support group that is bringing change in the world.

Hope that I can best assist and support it and will bringing the same best changes in future (now) like you do! I'm really fascinated by these powerful persons that are successful bringing improvements in the world! Hope that I will do it like you - just in my way. Thank you.    
Tim L.

I feel like there is something huge coming my way sometime in the near future.

I feel like I am 96-97% clear since we have done the intensives.  Marnie, do you remember during our one-on-one call I told you about the giant moth that burned in the fire?  I know now, that was my old self burning away.  Moth's represent metamorphosis and it was such a powerful and direct message coming from the other side.  I'm so ready to start my life, clean slate. I feel like there is something huge coming my way sometime in the near future.
C. K. L.

I like that being a part of the group strengthens me.

I now hook to the midline of the group and feel more powerful. and I also strengthen the midline of our group as well.

My aha was that I can receive the strength of the group as well as give it strength. We are even.
Anne M.

I don’t need the pain any longer!

​OMG – for my birthday this month I purchased a nerve blocker (Tens) and used it twice on left hip. Worked really well.  Then had a body frisson awareness moment, realizing I don’t need the pain any longer! Disappeared, hasn't been back. Been working on this issue since starting calls with you. It would go away before/after every call, but then come back. Hah – we finally deleted what was a pain in the butt in my life! Hadn’t thought of it that way, butt very appropriate!!! Letting go of pain links back to forgiving myself last month for all my life choices. There are no mistakes and I firmly believe that now. Feeling accelerated energy ever since on moving forward.  That was a huge step forward for me. Thanks!    
MaeLou L.

It’s such a pleasure to be part of the group, and benefit from the synergy.

I enjoyed being a member of the group and hearing about the successes of others. So often there are whispers and clues that help bring one into alignment.

I love Marnie’s ability to find messages and synchronicities in the activities of animals during her sessions. And I love her clarity, precision, speed and humor in her teaching and sharing. It’s such a pleasure to be part of the group and benefit from the synergy.

My biggest aha moment was the speed with which changes happened for clients when Marnie presented examples of neutrality in the personal intensive. I started using my own as well as Marnie’s examples and was surprised at the positive and fast outcome. And of course, the reminder to love and accept myself unconditionally made all the difference!

Thank you, dear Marnie for an inspirational and uplifting year!

Full Success Sharing Story:
Winifred W.

What I really like about Marnie’s program, is that I really feel connected.

She includes and works on everyone! And even when it’s not what I wrote in about, I can relate to what other people submit also.  
Theresa M.

Marnie gives me a lot of support.

I can share with the membership group that when I had a big problem with my sons, Marnie give me a lot of support. I could manage the big situation in a different way than I would do it.    
Andrea M.

I enjoyed knowing I was supported in making serious improvements, deleting beliefs, energetic patterns and experiences that don't work anymore!

To be so committed to change for the better, and have that continuously happening on so many levels while consciously evolving, is priceless!    
Christine R.

Really feeling like light when you're doing calls.

A very powerful group with nice strengthenings.

I felt more confident in myself.

Being with you Marnie in the membership program is always Good and Good! I feel happy be with you. You are my Best Support! I really appreciate it. I get value being in your presence by energy/listening to you. And I know that you are with me. It is very important for me feel this in my heart in my inner silence. For me all was important, and I recognize all your strength/resolutions/improvements. All support in process of my father about inheritance (get/not get; have/not have) and feel inner liberation/satisfaction. Heart released from emotions! My mother feels much better in work/with her mother more limits/ with my brother, decreased fear to drive.

I felt more confident in myself. And the intensive call for relationship (myself/partner) made all difference, strong for opposites; separate from others minds; neutral for the topic of sexual relations; more free and independent for the topic of family. And more and more ...

T. S.

For the first time, I really understood this concept on a deeper level.

My aha moment happened just on the cusp of the new year on the 31st crossing over to the 1st. I had a big realization that the essence of who we are is not summed up in our physical bodies. Of course, we inhabit these bodies to get around in life and do stuff and experience things. This in turn made me realize that we should not be affected by what people say about us (i.e. how we look, judging and blaming) because what they are judging is an outer shell. Yet what is truly important is what vibrates inside. Of course, we read about this all the time, but for the first time, I really understood this concept on a deeper level.
Karina G.

It's exciting to learn more each time.

I think it's amazing the depth that you go to in clearing the issues leading up to the calls.

I feel you are so thorough with what you cover each call. It's exciting to learn more each time.    
Lauren M.

That I had power.

I felt so beaten down and dull. I knew inside and from working with others that I had the smarts, but didn't know why I couldn't execute anything on my own behalf.
Nancy T.

I had a big age spot on my temple that is totally gone now and has been for months, how great is that!

One of the things that I haven't really worried about is how old I look. I am 51 since doing the program, and in the last month I have had people that I haven't seen for a little while say how young I look, and one guy didn't even recognize me. That’s a great aha moment.

 I had a big age spot on my temple that is totally gone now and has been for months, how great is that! My skin looks younger (I think because I didn't put a lot of focus on it and had the group strengthening to back it up). 

As Marnie says, 1+1=3.    
Diane H.

I definitely feel much more neutral and I truly feel stronger, and that nothing can stop me! Woohoo!

I noticed that I woke up with a smile today 12/24. This has not been the case in years, I usually wanted to stay at home and see no one, a classic grinch.  I felt irritated as to why we have to meet as family on this day. What's so special about it? And the rant kept going and going. Not this year, and even though I am not a big fan of Christmas, I know that tonight, we will have a great time with the family and we will enjoy the moment at its fullest. I still have to do some cooking, but I don't feel pressured or moody. I feel that the day will go on just wonderfully and that I will have plenty of time to do all the things I have to do today.  I definitely feel much more neutral and I truly feel stronger, and that nothing can stop me! Woohoo!
Olga N.

I am really looking forward too many upcoming experiences I will have in 2019!

I identify with what Marnie described in this month’s PDF. We don’t have words to describe the neutral state way of being. There is an evenness about me, instead of yo-yoing between emotional highs and lows. Without attachment, I don’t have a nagging feeling of things I must accomplish. I am happy to simply be with life as it is, because it feels good. Even the weight loss plan Feels like an interesting journey. The relationship with my daughter is civil but distant. And, OK if I do, OK if I don’t, really applies here. It’s great to be in the neutral state regarding this relationship.

Full Success Sharing Story
Mary R.

It is great to have clarity.

I feel so at peace. I feel the flow of ease towards Marnie now (used to feel angry at her, glad it's gone). Gratitude, friendship, openness. The issue I submitted in December, I don’t ever remember it, and it is great to have it gone from my mind and emotional being.

I used to pick up on others' energies, and now I can almost feel those around, and yet I am super neutral and chill and I can choose to not interact. So, it is great to have clarity.

Laura H.

I like hearing about the improvements everyone else is having in their lives.

My biggest aha moment was socializing with gay men and feeling comfortable being myself.
Chris Y.

I have a better relationship with my mother.
Pete E.

I have been in touch with the method for a while, but I would only ask for help or think of using it whenever I have an issue.

The program made me realize the method should be the way of living your life and how you should maintain your neutrality throughout the day to not even be triggered and have less weakness in the future.
Joyce Y.

I Feel CALM.
Andy M.

Improvement is consistent and steady since I connected.

My biggest aha moment keeps happening. 
Laura T.

I love how I feel.

I love what I am learning. I feel so much better and empowered.
Karen H.

It’s Time to Go Beyond Infinite Potential in 2019 …
Can’t Wait to Connect With You On January 30th – Resolutions Into Reality!