Holiday Gift

Success Strengthening!

Bonus Call and Activation

Together, We Will Make This a Healthy, Wealthy, and Happy Holiday Season!

Message from Marnie

It’s such a gift that you allow me every month to guide you to your best self! Thank You for trusting me and taking charge of your health and livelihood.

As you know, my Holiday November call was all about Reciprocity - Giving/Receiving/Neutral - Holiday Spending Triad.

Since I always take action on what I preach, here is your SURPRISE GIFT, Special for YOU!

This is an opportunity to make sure your "receiver" is turned on STRONG so that you receive all you need, want and desire with ease and joy!


RISE the Strengthening VIBE!

During this holiday, ask yourself, "What is that I am truly grateful for?

Many of you have been with me for several years. As you reflect on all your feedback and changes and share your success stories, it locks into the Universe a million fold the strength and perpetuates even more changes for you in the new year

The holiday actually provides us with an opportunity to DELETE the Blocks we have with Receiving.

It's all about being STRONG for Abundance.
As group members share, I am simultaneously strengthening you for
ABUNDANCE and to resonate with the same success in every aspect of your life.

This is better than a session with me.

Join me and I'll prove it!

I’m so proud of you!

You are committed and dedicated to improving your life on a consistent basis.

Even when life gets tough, you are unstoppable!
We can always be better!!!

With every call, you will continue to improve.

One for all - all for one - STRONG!!

TOGETHER we will make this a healthy, wealthy, and happy holiday season!

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This Self-Strengthening and Deletion Activation is designed to listen to daily so that you receive all you need, want, and desire with ease and joy.

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THANK YOU to all the members who were brave and courageous, and shared incredibly inspiring heartfelt, Life-Altering, & Life-Saving breakthroughs.

Time: 32:32


I felt relaxed from the activation. I would recommend that everybody listen to the activation before they go to sleep every night, because that was incredible.

I've known Marnie & Kam since what 1999. I'm indebted to you.

I could go on and say how many incredible corrections that I've received from you, but I I'd like to let the newer members know, don't give up, and don't get frustrated. Things will happen. You just you have to listen to what Marnie is saying and just do what she's telling you to do, and don't rush. You have to trust Marnie in this process. She knows what she's doing.

Every time I go to the dentist or doctor or wherever, they ask me if I’m on any medications. And my answer is, No! I take vitamin D in the morning. And I get the same reaction all the time. Really! You're 68 and you're not taking any medication? They are in shock!

Time: 38:55

My English is not so good, but I just joined the group.

I just sent Marnie my personal request in the box that I wanted her to strengthen for the December call, and I saw the difference in the moment I sent it. Thank you. so much!

I wanted to be treated better in my job. So now, one part of my wish is already done!

 I saw in my work that they changed. 

I still don't believe it! The change is amazing!

Time: 41:05

A lot of resistance has been leaving a lot quicker than expected.

I signed my mom up for this membership because she doesn't have a choice, and I get very excited because I see her thriving!

She's killing it in school and getting her degree, and she's thriving after her divorce.

Things are turning all in her favor. She said that she doesn’t have to put in as much effort now, and that makes me feel so good.

Time: 44:15

My leg was hurting a lot. I had liposuction 15 years ago, and it feels numb a lot. I couldn't sleep one night because it hurt so bad, so I sent Marnie my request, and literally a few minutes later, it felt so much better. 

I don't know what Marnie deleted, but it works.

It feels so much better. It's great!

Time: 45:00

Right after that last membership call, I showed a $3 million home where the guy wrote an offer and he's not really even sure if he can ski, and I'm saying it doesn't matter, just come be a part of our community here!

And so, it feels really good to be doing business like this again.

Time: 47:55

Conquering Cancer – STRONG!

You helped me with my CAT scan that I had about a month ago.

I had really good results!

The Tumor/Mass has Shrunken Considerably! 

I went from having a lot of pain and pressure in my lower abdomen and just all kinds of crazy stuff to the end of September, not needing any pain relievers. I honestly feel fabulous.

I feel like I kind of have wondered for a while was this really cancer because I mean, I'm still going for immunotherapy treatments every three weeks, and I'll get another CAT scan after the third one in January. But wow, this is amazing!

I'm so grateful for you, and your membership and everybody here and in the other Lifestyle Mastery group as well!

Time: 54:45

I'd like to share how much Calmer and Clearer I feel, and more of an Ease.

I was feeling really quite nervous.

And then as I was listening to the last lady speak, I found it really interesting because it's my birthday this month as well, plus two of my children, and my daughter's 21st tomorrow, and birthday’s usually really triggers me. So that was really helpful. Even though it was a totally different story, it helped with a bit of ease.

Time: 56:50

The good news is that tomorrow I'm starting with a new job.

I'm really excited about it! I like the management team. I think their values are lined up with mine, which will be a big change!

It’s a good opportunity for advancement.

I even got a better job than I applied for, with better pay! 

Time: 59:04

I feel less hip pain, and that's a huge plus, thank you!

Time: 1:07:10

I've always been wanting to have a life partner.

I received this immediately after joining your program.

I met someone and It's everything that I wanted him to be.

The first time we met, he asked me to choose the restaurant, and the restaurant was exactly his favorite restaurant as well. When he held my hand, it felt like the movies…. like an electrical current going through my body. During the whole dinner, we also had a close conversation.

He has 5 children and 15 grandchildren. I was surprised because in some way, that was something I wanted to manifest. I always wanted to have a big family.