May Success Strengthening

Resonate With Success - STRONG!

Message from Marnie

Thank you for participating in the monthly membership program.

I am blown away with all the feedback and success stories everyone in the group is sharing!

In spite of all the negativity in the world, there is a lot of good stuff happening with group members.

To get what you want in life it's important to be in a supportive group because the group magnifies the successful energy and you become a stronger receiver of it.

THANK YOU to all the members (Janine W, Travis M, Helena & Robert and their Hens, Caroline R, Gabriela, and Caroline M.) who were brave and courageous, and shared incredibly inspiring heartfelt, Life-Altering, & Life-Saving breakthroughs.


The live chat was off the hook - EVERYONE resonated - thank you to all the members who left realtime comments. 

Does anything on the list below resonate with you?

  • Cancer?
  • High Cholesterol?
  • Heart Attack?
  • Stroke?
  • Sexual Abuse?
  • Sexual Confusion?
  • Bladder/Reproductive Problems?
  • Injured Pets? 
  • Attacks/Violence?
  • Death of a Spouse or Loved One?
  • Job Interviews?
  • Career Transition?
  • Worried About Your Finances?
  • Anxiety?

If YES, this is a MUST-WATCH to Maximize Results!

If you feel like you are NOT changing - listen to it right now!

As you listen to each member who shared live, pay attention to how they each mirror similar situations in your life.

This clinic strengthening call is filled with unconditional love, strong support and higher messages that YOU NEED TO HEAR NOW!

We are a strong team and each success story is your success!

All for one - one for all - STRONG!

When others change, you change even more with them.

We are an unstoppable team!

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Helena's Happy Hens!

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If you missed Helena and Robert's past blog - From a Cold Ex to Hot Sex! Sexual Ecstasy On The Spot!

  Watch it Here

P.S. No Doubt, in tough times - You are LOVED!!!

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Feel the Unconditional LOVE as you read a few chat comments... (over 30 + pages of chat rolled in!) I read it all after the show and processed more for each comment!

When Janine announced that her niece is cancer-free in only 3 and a half months and how calm she was throughout the entire process... here's what members said in the chat...

Helena: WOW!!

Asa J: Janine! ❤️ Oh wow!

Caroline M: Janine - that is fabulous!!

Monica W: Wonderful! I love that it felt easy for you.

Jan: So exciting!!!

When Travis announced that his Cholesterol effortlessly dropped 100 points, without changing his diet...

LG: Holy Shit!

JW: Such awesome news! Congratulations!

Stacey: Way 2 go Travis!

When Helena shared that the Hens on her farm were attacked by a fox...

Monica W: Happy to hear they are well improved.

Linda: Thank you - Our animals are so important!

We love our pets so much. ❤️❤️❤️

Jan: That is awesome Helena!! Thank You!

Paula: Awww, I'm so glad their getting better!

When Caroline R. shared that her Urinary Incontinence is GONE that she has had since she was 7 years old (age 40 now) and her memories of sexual abuse have no effect on her anymore...

Harjot: Its nice to hear someone say "I am done with this issue" and hear it go away. Makes me feel like I can do this as well!

Shelly: Thank you for sharing! You are really BRAVE!

Ellen: WOW!! Everything is Reversible!

Shelly: So Amazing!!!

Dia C: That's amazing, so happy for you!

Bill: What a life-changer! Thank you for sharing!

LG: When you release the fear of sharing, you help others.

JW: Linda: You are such a beautiful brave soul - what an amazing story - more great things will be coming your way! Thank you for sharing!

Linda: Thank you Caroline. That is so inspirational! Many women have this same challenge.

TigressAsa J: You are a Tigress Caroline!!

Winwager: Beautiful vulnerability, Caroline! Thank you!

Dia C: So empowering to think the past and pain is gone and the future for me and family and future generations is free!

Monica W: Wow, I think my kids may have been sexually assaulted before they moved in. This provides me a new avenue of helping them. Thank you for sharing. You’re powerful. ❤️

When Gabriela shared embodying the tiger energy and living life without sexual confusion, grief and shame...

Joyce: No shame, Gabriella!

LG: Sending love to Gabriela!

Asa: Be you! You are loved!

Bill: Sending (((LOVE)))

Jan: Thank You Gabriela. So Strong!!

When Caroline shared her amazing art, challenging career transition and the death of her spouse...

Jan: Beautiful work Caroline!!

Linda: Wow Caroline! Is that made of glass? You are so talented.

Travis: Wow Caroline! nice!

Joyce: I can sense the position is coming Caroline!

Maelou: ⭐⭐⭐

Jeanne: Just what I need! Strong in times of transition!

Asa J: I needed to hear this so thank you Caroline and Marnie! I feel your loving energy and you are so calm and focused. Love you!

Carolyn: Strong in transition

Winwager: Happy to hear you are feeling the connection with Christoper on the Other Side!!

Joyce: Thank you Caroline!!! Thank you for reminding us that!!

Travis: Attract amazing people - STRONG!

Gabriela: You're KICK-ASS  Caroline!