Bonus! October

Success Strengthening Call

Message from Marnie:

I know that life can sometimes feel like a relentless roller coaster ride of non-stop crazy ups and downs, and you may feel like it's never going to end... one issue popping up after the next!

I Have Your Back!

What in your life is bothering you?

If you are in pain, struggling, or feel like you are NOT changing - Watch it right now!


As you listen to each member who shared live, pay attention to how they each mirror similar situations in your life.

This success strengthening call is filled with unconditional love, strong support and higher messages that YOU NEED TO HEAR NOW!

We are a strong team and each success story is your success!

All for one - one for all - STRONG!

When others change, you change even more with them.

We are an unstoppable team!

Webinar Replay 
Success Story Highlights!

THANK YOU to all the members who were brave and courageous, and shared incredibly inspiring heartfelt, Life-Altering, & Life-Saving breakthroughs.

Time: 6:05


September was my third month in Marnie’s Membership.  

I submitted an issue about my physical DIABETES symptoms.  

There has been a huge improvement now in October!  

I honestly didn't feel any big changes in August or September,  

but I submitted my feedback yesterday, and now I feel a  huge difference!  

On a physical level, my URINARY FREQUENCY symptoms, thirst issue, and NEUROPATHY PAIN is GONE! I just don’t have it!

I also submitted an issue to help me with money. 

I’ve been braver and more comfortable outside of my comfort zone and trying new things 

Two days after the call, we got a $12,000 scholarship for my daughter that seemed realleasy! 

Time: 13:55

The CHANGES in my RELATIONSHIP have been absolutely phenomenal and it wasn't something that I necessarily asked Marnie to work on for me.

We were reaching a stage where it was going to be split time and we almost went our separate ways, but then it all miraculously changed! 

I wanted to say to anybody who's having issues, there is always the possibility of changing!

Time: 20:20

I've been stressing about MONEY a lot so I put in a request to Marnie, and the ANXIETY that I felt in my chest, it's just GONE away!

I was trying for 10 months to have my solar turned on with a battery with no luck!

There was one delay after another for 10 months straight.

My anxiety was through the roof and I was livid.

I asked Marnie for help and she FIXED it within 3 DAYS!

Time: 22:15

I was part of a company-wide LAYOFFS at the end of May.

I was FREAKING OUT! I love my job, but I heard your voice, Marnie, saying that everything happens for a reason - you're going to be led to something better.

I just got HIRED 2 WEEKS AGO with a position at this company that I love, and I feel like I'm in such a BETTER spot, mentally and everything. So, it all works out.

And I just always know that Marnie is working on us.

I also noticed such a difference in my anxiety, just starting the day with activations!

Laurie and Her Dog Frankie
Time: 24:25

I had PAIN in my FINGER that kept coming and going and it felt like there was a rubber band around the top of my finger. It made no sense, but at the time I was trying to manifest money and I remember just telling you about this finger problem and now it's GONE!

I also keep putting in the box that I want to be OPEN TO RECEIVE HIGH-VIBE OPPORTUNITIES and clients and be really open to receiving. This week I have four presentations to plan so now I'm in the holy shit stage – but I RECEIVED EVERYTHING I ASKED FOR!

Time: 27:45

Overall everything's a lot EASIER and SMOOTHER!

I have a really GOOD JOB that I'm HAPPY with!

I've had so many weird symptoms and DECADES of HEALTH PROBLEMS.

Thank you, Marnie, for knocking them out one by one - I keep putting them in the box, and they got RESOLVED!

My CHOLESTEROL issues got RESOLVED, and also my environmental ALLERGIES and my energy is better.

I couldn't resolve them on my own. I've tried so many things, but this has been a great program.

Just stick with it if you're questioning it - just keep at it and keep putting your issues in the monthly membership boxes and they'll get resolved!

Time: 32:35

We had this reunion of my husband's cousins this weekend and there were cousins from about five different states, and two of them had just come off of a cruise ship with 3500 people on it.

I played the Coronavirus activation.


I got my second hip replaced, and that recovery went so smoothly, and I'm getting so much stronger. I feel like I'm in a paradigm shift because over the last years, I've taken so much of my energy just to manage my pain, and now I don't have any pain, it’s like a whole new life!

You have helped me overcome many problems in my life. I am the type of person to try all kinds of personal growth alternatives to feel better. Marnie, you're the ultimate!  You're the constant and everything else could drop away, and you'd be the one I'd stick with! And I have stuck with you because it works in a way that nothing else does.

Time: 40:59

Last year, I started a new profession, and you helped me do that.

At first, I was very excited, exhilarated, and with great enthusiasm, but then things got a bit difficult and I wasn't performing. My performance was going from good to worse. I thought I was simply not ready to do the job, wasn't skilled enough, and would never overcome the challenges.

My monthly request was always on the same topic - please help me understand my work and improve my performance.

The following 10 months were a total improvement and my supervisor ended up promoting me. And she upgraded me which meant that she didn't have to supervise my work because she had so much confidence in me.

Never quit and accept that you are not capable – wait a little longer and turn things around!!!

I am capable – STRONG!